Why Property Prep: Property Prep's companies are designed to get you ready to sell your home or help you maintain the value and integrity of your home.

What we do: Property Prep provides highly skilled home maintenance, restoration and improvement solutions directly to home owners and through real estate agents. Property Prep services include: Pre-sale prep, pressure washing, wood restoration, painting, staining, rain gutter cleaning, window washing, tree service, landscaping, pool service and hauling. Property Prep provides property management, staging and inspection services as well. Property Prep is one company for all your service needs

Who we are: Property Prep was developed by Joel Midlili to fill a need: Recognizing that home and business owners can make better use of their time than making multiple calls to multiple service companies and then spend more time scheduling the work to avoid conflicts, Joel built Property Prep. With one call, the home or business owner can order various services and leave the scheduling to Property Prep. Because your satisfaction with one of our service companies effects your satisfaction with all of our service companies, Property Prep makes sure that each service is done with the utmost care and professionalism. Joel has over 12 years experience developing and running service companies in Marin County, the greater San Francisco Bay Area, as well as the East Coast.  

Our experience: Each Property Prep service is provided by a licensed, experienced, professional company, with a minimum of ten years experience in its specific field - these are companies whose reputations reflect pride in their attention to detail. That is why over 4000 Marin County home owners choose Property Prep for their maintenance needs, not including the growing number of real estate agents who using our services for their client's Pre-Sale Prep needs. 

Our companies: Property Prep, The Gutter Guys, Marin Pressure Washing, Ross Valley Arborist, The Gutter People, Hi-Tech Solutions.

Our future: Property Prep's rapidly expanding Northern California/San Francisco Bay Area market now reaches from the Peninsula to Sonoma County and will soon serve the Sacramento area. Property Prep's Philadelphia branch serves over 2000 clients in the Tri-State area. Property Prep plans to expand throughout the United States real estate markets.  

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